Is It Sweet or Kind of a Bummer When Honda Upstages You on Your Wedding Day?

Mairead and Kevin's story

Does your wedding day get better, or imperceptibly worse, when Honda shows up with eight carloads of fun?

See for yourself in the video below, starring Mairead and Kevin, a young couple who (for reasons unexplained in the video) apparently asked Honda to "borrow" three CR-Vs for their wedding day—and then ended up with a whole lot more than they expected.

The video, by RPA, is meant to be one of those heartwarming tear-jerkers. And you may feel your heart warmed and your tears jerked. But the wedding setting is a tough place to pull that off—you're supposed to be unbearably happy even before Honda rolls in with the extra presents, so the upside is limited. They're not all material presents—flying in the distant cousins was a wise move. But showering a happy couple with even more happy doesn't have the tension, or the payoff, of some of other videos in the genre.

For an equally manufactured but much more fun-loving execution from Honda, you'd have to go back to last year's "Surprising Monsters Calling Home" video. Now, those are kids who really needed—and appreciated—some loving.

The new video is part of Honda's "Start Something Special" campaign, which launched in August. Two national brand TV spots break Tuesday, beginning with "Thank You" (posted below), which shows photographs and video of families and fans showing their appreciation of the Honda brand. "Thank you all for making your Honda more than a car. Thanks for making them something special," says the voiceover. The spots will air on the NHL Network and during NFL games.

Client: Honda
Spot: "#StartSomething Special: Mairead & Kevin's Wedding"

Agency: RPA
EVP, CCO: Joe Baratelli
SVP, GCD: Jason Sperling
AD: Suzie Yeranosyan
CW: David Sullivan
Agency Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Agency Senior Producer: Mark Tripp

Production:  RPA
Director: Mark Tripp
DP: Stephen Carmona
Producer: Tracy Chaplin
Production Supervisor: Andrew Scrivner

Editorial Company: Butcher Editorial
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Assistant Editor: Kelly Henson
Executive Producer: Rob Van
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