‘It’s good to have wood,’ says Six Flags

ToroMr. Six, ex-Six Flags spokestogenarian, will roll over in his latex costume upon hearing of this latest Six Flags ad. It’s for El Toro, a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Above an image of Bugs Bunny (who has his own play area at Six Flags now), the headline reads, “It’s good to have wood.” (That camera-phone pic is courtesy of reader Jason K., who saw it in New York’s Penn Station.) Newdaddy, who stumbled upon the ad in Port Authority, writes on his blog, “Now, I’m not disputing the truth of that statement. But does an erection joke really need to be side-by-side with Bugs?” You can watch Six Flags’ promotional video for El Toro here, where they invite you to “climb aboard El Toro and hold on tight.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd