Isn’t a Mac campaign without a Mac just an ad for a PC?

I really should find more important topics to think about, but nonetheless, I’ve occasionally pondered over the last few days what the Mac vs. PC ads might look like with no Mac. As you’ve no doubt read by now, Justin Long, who played the Mac, has been put out to pasture, along with legions of other castoffs from once prominent ad campaigns, but the ads will continue with John Hodgman as the PC. Will Apple and TBWA\Chiat\Day find someone more appealing to play the Mac, or will Hodgman continue on solo, as news reports seem to imply? And if so, won’t that put more focus on the dorky yet strangely lovable PC than Steve Jobs would want? Obviously, this is a riddle for greater minds than mine to solve. UPDATE: As you’ve no doubt heard by now, that report that everyone reported that Long was no longer doing Mac ads seems to be erroneous.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor