iPhone harmed in making of safe-driving ad


This safe-driving PSA by Wasserman + Partners for the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia goes too far, even by the increasingly horrific standards of the genre. First, we see an overturned car and blood splashed amid wreckage on the pavement. Tame so far. Then we zoom in and see (if you've got a weak constitution, you might want to stop reading) a close-up of an iPhone with a cracked screen! What monsters dredged up that sick image of the world's sweetest cell phone lying in ruins? Ah, the Canadians, naturally. Forget the paramedics, somebody call a Mac Genius, stat! I hope that driver had AppleCare. As for canceling the phone plan, forget it. Those ghouls at AT&T will send the bill to your grave. I'll assume the iPad was snugly strapped into a child-safety seat and unharmed. Oh god, wasn't it!? Via Osocio.

—Posted by David Gianatasio