Illinois Lottery joying people at the holidays

Maybe I’ll take the advice of the Illinois Lottery “Joy Someone” spot posted below (by EnergyBBDO and Spank Music, directed by Aaron Ruell) and give the deserving folks in my life scratch tickets as holiday gifts. Neighbors, workmen, local merchants, business colleagues. Well, not Fred from accounting, who insists on coming to work with a cold, but everyone else. I’ll hand each one of them a ticket, plus a dime to scratch with. That’s class! Their faces will light up as they throw their arms around me and scream: “I’m rich! I’ll buy a new house! I’ll buy a new car! I’ll date supermodels from Beliz!” I’m sure they’d share some of the money. On second thought, I’m handing out candy canes again this year and keeping the lottery tickets for myself. No one’s getting rich on my dime but me. Via Adland.

—Posted by David Gianatasio