If Russell Crowe sucks, your money back!

Cinderellaman1We don’t know what to make of AMC Theatres’ new offer of "your money back" to film patrons who go to see Cinderella Man and end up not enjoying it. While such an offer seems a sincere show of support for the Universal Pictures effort directed by Ron Howard, we wonder if it doesn’t diminish the cache of Russell Crowe. A money-back proposal like this seems more fitting for an indie film, not a big-budget, major motion picture starring an A-list leading man. Clearly, the tepid reviews have dampened enthusiasm for the film, but those didn’t stop Titanic from being one of the top-grossing films of all-time. Maybe the reviews coupled with Crowe’s outburst shortly after the film was released are what helped sink it. But as a marketing tool, this offer smacks of so much desperation we feel even less inclined to sit through Cinderella Man and aren’t even sure we’d do so when it lands on cable.

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey