If Patrick Bateman Were a Hipster, He’d Kill For Denham Jeans

Brand remakes American Psycho

What if Patrick Bateman were a hipster? It would look a lot like this brilliant remake of two American Psycho scenes, updated for our decade of obsessive beard cultivation and vintage clothing perfection.

The nearly six-minute film, complete with hipsters committing murder set to classical music and comparing their pants like they're comparing their cocks, is actually an ad for Denham the Jeanmaker—whose stores are also now serving coffee. Denham is a small, boutique fashion brand focused on mixing denim with "workwear tradition." It's safe to say they're a brand created for the denim enthusiast, the sort of person who is as interested in the creation process behind their pants as they are in wearing them. In fact, their cheapest jeans currently retail for 130 euros, which may be more than I have spent on all the jeans I have purchased in my lifetime.

Created by Flickering Wall, the parody (aptly titled "Denham Psycho") was created to coincide with the opening of a Denham pop-up store in Berlin, has gone viral by hitting the twin zeitgeist of hipster humor and murderers who love civet coffee. Witness the terrifying brilliance, and fear for vapid, soulless hipsters everywhere.

Client: Denham the Jeanmaker
Agency: Flickering Wall
Directed by Hugo Keijzer
Produced by Remco den Hartog
Cinematography by Robbie van Brussel
Edited by Nils Rensen
Written by Ben Clark
Graphics by Ali Kirby
Costume by Denham