Has anyone ever had a car wrapped up like this?

Lexus_bowDoes anyone know a human being who has received a brand-new car for Christmas with a bow on top? It’s baffling why so many ads show this. Maybe this happens all the time in Manhattan, or in a parallel universe, but not here in San Francisco. This is a common complaint among people who spend time analyzing TV commercials. Says one annoyed bystander: “I also think all the ‘Car with a bow’ commercials over the Christmas season are stupid. I just don’t buy the whole surprise.” Says another: “These commercials always make me say to myself, ‘Who buys a $60,000 car without at least consulting one’s spouse?’ Coming home to find a Lexus in the driveway and new car payments added to your monthly load is like coming home to find your wife has adopted a child. His name is Enok, and he’s from Romania, and he only needs his medication twice a day.” And the bows aren’t even cheap! But for those so inclined to give a car as a gift, here’s some practical advice.

—Posted by Celeste Ward