Harvey Nichols Ads Advise Against Wetting Oneself Over Sale

Fashion retailer gets incontinent

It's a shame Harvey Nichols doesn't sell adult underpants to go with its chic fashions. It seems customers might need the protection, given the urinary trouble the British retailer expects in reaction to its latest sale. Are these ads just cheap, mindless jokes? No, they are not! The company, perhaps inadvisably, claims to have thought deeply about the message it was sending. "The images in our advertising were designed to be a visual representation of a well-known phrase," a spokeswoman says. "During the production of the campaign, we researched the use of this expression in popular culture and social media and were satisfied that it is both commonplace and invariably used in a playful, inoffensive manner, which was in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek spirit in which we intended our campaign to be taken." Don't know about you, but I'm pissing myself over here. Previously in controversial Harvey Nichols ads: the holiday walk-of-shame campaign, which was quite a bit more charming than this one. Via New York.