Hang out with Poke-sters on their Web site

Back in the dot-com days, Pseudo founder Josh Harris did this interesting/freakish “public art experiment.” He called it “We Live in Public,” and it involved outfitting his loft with cameras, including his bedroom and the bathroom. Now, Poke New York, the new stateside offshoot of digital agency Poke London, is trying this tack with its Web site. The site features a live webcam of the agency’s offices. Visitors can ask questions of employees, even make the dialogue two-way by turning on their own webcams. During a quick pop-by, AdFreak spied a garish sofa with what one fellow visitor identified as a “walking piece of poop” on it (not the guy shown here). Not much was happening, so we asked for Poke partner Tom Ajello, whom you may remember as the star of the Agency.com Subway pitch video. Sure enough, Tom ambled over to the sofa with his laptop. Then the conversation really got going, with other visitors chiming in. A transcript:
  ChadsworthMcB: Have you considered giving up?
  steve: take your feet off the furnature, meat
  jeff: shit

—Posted by Brian Morrissey