‘Halo: Reach’ wakes up a little in latest spot


After releasing some ominous (and really quite boring) videos the other day, the Halo: Reach marketing team has finally given us a trailer packed with aliens, explosions, jetpacks and firefights. Check it out below, along with previous ads for the game after the jump. Shot in Prague, this new clip was created by director Noam Murro and agencytwofifteen, which describes the spot as "a glimpse into the type of courage and heroism that will be required of all soldiers during the battle of Reach." Pretty impressive, but the agency's earlier work for the Halo franchise set the bar so high, this preview comes off as a bit underwhelming. I still prefer the adrenaline overload of the Halo: ODST trailer or the similar live-action, street-level carnage from Ghost Recon 2. The problem with the Reach ads is that they separated the exposition from the action, creating clips that have trouble telling the story, whether viewed together or apart. That said, Halo continues to serve as the gold standard for game marketing, and everyone involved deserves kudos for bringing so much intellect to a game whose plot seems to revel in making no sense whatsoever.