‘Halo’ fallen-heroes light sculpture complete


Before the launch of Halo: Reach, we mentioned that the game's marketing included a "virtual monument" created by fans worldwide. Well, now the 3-D light sculpture is complete, and you can see both the process and the finished product in the video below. Creative agency AKQA developed the robot-arm artwork in partnership with Microsoft. Each fan could select one point in the monument's 3-D landscape (mine, if you'd like to go gaze upon it in admiration, is x: 184.51 y: 50.26 z: 30.65). In the end, a total of 118,422 points were used to create the artwork, with contributors checking in from all over the planet. It's just unfortunate that the reason the world was able to come together to create such a poignant international memorial for fallen soldiers is because the soldiers never actually existed.