Grolsch-bottle orchestra plays holiday carol


Grolsch has those special bottles with the swingtop lid, which comes in handy in this video Christmas card from the Dutch brewer, featuring the “Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra” performing “O Christmas Tree” entirely on Grolsch bottles. The video comes off almost as a piss-take (or maybe we’re just thinking of the Heineken musicians from that brewer’s Men With Talent show). But the blurb on the Grolsch YouTube page sounds sincere, perhaps overly so: “Dozens of Swingtop bottles provide the score with tuneful pops, clicks, jingle bells, güiro sounds, wind tuned with Grolsch beer, orchestral timpani, bass drum and the sound of a mysterious festive Grolsch ‘glockenspiel’ that provides the story with a stunning seasonal twist and climax.” Via Presurfer.