Got $30,000? Groupon Deal Offers Personal Jumbotron So You Can Propose Spectacularly

Kinetic Worldwide powers unusual offer

How does a deal site score promo points on Valentine's Day? By making a totally outsized offer on a Kiss Cam-caliber romantic spectacle … that you can enjoy without leaving home. 

For $30,000, and with help from ImpactAV and Kinetic Worldwide, the company's Valentine's Day Proposal Package gives you the chance to propose with a stadium-quality 12-by-16-foot LED screen, plus animated graphics from Kinetic. The best part? You don't have to whip out the rock on a baseball field to use that screen. It will be delivered straight to you, stranger witnesses optional. 

Because what self-respecting digital native proposes on a baseball field anymore? 

"Imagine the surprised delight on your significant other's face when the crew elevates the giant screen, complete with images that highlight your love," the post reads. "Professional-grade animated graphics from Kinetic Worldwide seal the deal, gathering crowds of awed well-wishers, misty-eyed co-workers, and confused birds." 

"Groupon considered how to blow out Valentine's Day with something spectacular," says Kinetic Worldwide's head of innovation, Mike Gamaroff. "The idea of bringing a Super Bowl jumbotron right to your door came to mind, and Kinetic drew on our experience of creating impressive outdoor spectacles by offering the big screen answer." 

The full perks of the deal:

  • The jumboscreen, delivered to your door
  • Animated graphics
  • The option to customize your proposal with selfies, pictures, takeout menus or just some nice copywriting

The deal is available in the lower 48 states and must be redeemed before Feb. 15. Act fast: You've got until Friday night at midnight to cash in on at-home jumbotron romance. Don't forget the hot dogs; this isn't amateur hour. 

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