GoDaddy begins annual Super Bowl whining

For GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, complaining about network prudes who reject his “hilarious” Super Bowl ads has itself become a large part of his annual marketing strategy. This year, he says, he’s only sending storyboards to Fox rather than waste money shooting anything before it’s approved. On his blog, Parsons says he’s submitted several “hilarious concepts” for the 2008 broadcast, only to have them rejected. One featured a sendup of the Larry Craig bathroom incident, with two GoDaddy girls toe-tapping in what they believe are adjacent stalls—only to realize they’re both actually toe-tapping with some old dude in a middle stall. The other resurrected Marilyn Monroe’s famous skirt-billowing scene—the hilarious payoff being an old dude hiding in the grate holding a giant fan. More groundbreaking ideas are surely in the works.

—Posted by Tim Nudd