Giant Joey Lawrence photos help the planet

TDA1%Estuary copy

TDA Advertising & Design paints a bizarre picture of nature in three print ads aimed at driving traffic to 1% for the Planet's online store. (The client is a non-profit that gets companies to donate 1 percent of sales to the environment, and now it has its own "1% FTP" branded stuff to sell.) Unless I'm mistaken, the first two ads warn you that manatees devour children and keep their dolls as trophies, and that butterflies wield medieval weapons of doom. The third is even more frightening, showing an estuary that keeps a giant photo of Joey Lawrence on hand to ward off intruders. OK, the rather convoluted actual message of the ads is that nature would like to shop online (for novelty items, mostly), but can't, so you should instead. Whatever that means. Sadly, 1%'s online shop doesn't even have the complete series of either Gimme a Break or Blossom for sale.

—Posted by David Gianatasio