Georgia messes around with its slogans

PeachIt’s hard to write a state slogan that everyone likes. It’s much easier to confuse and annoy people with lines that suck. (Witness the stink raised recently by opponents of Kansas’s new slogan, “As big as you think.”) So why would a state like Georgia, which already has a solid, recognizable tagline in “Georgia on my mind,” try to add a second one, “Put your dreams in motion,” to the mix? Folks in the Peach State seem rightly jittery about the development, even though the original line will still be used. (This is also the new logo shown here.) And the state’s top tourism guy, Craig Lesser, isn’t helping very much. How will the two taglines work together? “We’ve bifurcated [the message] into an invitation and a thank you,” Lesser says. No wonder people are nervous.

—Posted by Tim Nudd