Galactic Empire Turns Frankfurt Airport Into a Fully Armed, Operational Battle Station

Fan video stokes excitement for next Star Wars film

The Empire might not be running the galaxy anymore, but it seems to be doing a stellar job running an airport in Germany. 

With more than 1 million views already (likely thanks to its red-herring title, "Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage!"), the video below shows Imperial Walkers and shuttles making good use of the Frankfurt Airport where an orderly and rather uneventful invasion of Earth seems to be under way.

While not an official promo for the Star Wars: Episode VII, currently in development, the fan-made clip is still getting people pumped for the series' return.

"OK, I know it's fake, but damn … I'm so looking forward to seeing new Star Wars material," noted one YouTube viewer. "It got me straight back there, as a kid seeing this kind of stuff for the first time. It might as well have been real."

It's unclear how many Bothans died to bring us this footage.

Via Laughing Squid.