Freedom of speech really gets going at 95

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we’re posting this just because the tagline on this guy’s T-shirt is so good. The man pictured is Sid Smith, 95, who is running for Congress more or less to stick it to Tom DeLay, whom, it can safely be said, he’s not a big fan of. If you can’t read the tagline, it says, "At 95, who needs term limits?" But some of Smith’s other comments are equally, uh, attention-getting. Since The Austin American-Statesman, where we found the details of Smith’s candidacy, is a family newspaper, some imagination may be involved in understanding the following. When asked what he might say to opponents carping about his age, he replied: “"I’ll tell them to (enjoy themselves unilaterally)." And on the topic of what should happen to DeLay, who was indicted in his home state last year, no punishment, per Smith, is out of bounds. "I think jail’s too good for him. I think they ought to castrate the son of a . . . " Remember, we’re just telling you what the guy said.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Credit: AP Photo/Harry Cabluck