Florida journo students get ad lesson

Uflorida1Journalism students at the University of Florida are getting an early lesson about the consequences of publishing something that offends government officials—and puts ad revenue in jeopardy. This week, the president of the student government at the university issued an executive order halting all the governing body’s advertising in the campus paper, The Alligator. The student senate supported the president with a resolution censuring the “irresponsible attitude” of the paper. Now, members of the student government are urging local businesses to pull their advertising. The controversy? A political cartoon that used a racial slur for African-Americans. The editor of the paper defends the cartoon for making a salient point about racism and refuses to apologize. It is probably good training for aspiring journalists. Perhaps they will be a bit more prepared in case the President of the United States ever turns to his vice president and refers to one of them as “a major league asshole.”

—Posted by Jim Lovel