Float in trippy clouds at the new WK.com

Let’s hope they got input from Scrappers on this one. Wieden + Kennedy, under some fire for supposedly not being digital enough to suit key client Nike, is showing off with a snazzy new Web site. As we know, agency Web sites are typically awful hellholes where the back button doesn’t work and browsers often freeze. The new WK.com has an interesting tag-cloud of key phrases and terms relating to the agency. Clicking on them shows their relation to other terms. Like all drastic changes, this one has been met with mixed reactions. The awesomely named Dan Sicko Organic’s Three Minds digs the new site, saying, “The new scheme pays itself off in spades once you get a little familiar with it.” Over at WK London’s blog, reactions from visitors are up and down. What’s your take?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey