FIFA unveils the World Cup 2010 logo

Wclogo World Cup 2006 is over, and Italians everywhere are very hung over. Everyone else is bitter and looking to World Cup 2010 in South Africa. As it happens, the logo for the 2010 tournament was unveiled a couple of days ago, and here it is. It uses the colors of the South African flag to create the shape of Africa, and shows a footballer executing a bicycle kick (a move that’s often dangerous and whistled for a foul, but never mind). Reactions, of course, have been mixed: “I am not an artist, and as a non-artist, something either appeals to me or it doesn’t. And this doesn’t.” “We haven’t seen what other options there were, but I think they chose the right one.” “[It looks like] a frog jumping over a pork chop.” I think it’s better than Germany’s WC 2006 logo. What do you think?

—Posted by Tim Nudd