Expect close shaves on Gillette racing show

P&G’s Gillette unit is climbing on the branded-content bandwagon with Fast Cars and Super Stars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race. It’s an ABC series sort of like Dancing With the Stars, except the celebs are trained as racecar drivers. I’m assuming anyone who’s been arrested for DUI (Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Tracy Morgan) won’t be included. What about Paul Newman? He’s done some pro racing himself. Maybe he can do a cameo. Laird Hamilton and Tony Hawk have been announced as participants, although Nascar is probably less dangerous than their regular professions. I still haven’t heard back from the networks on my “This time it’s for real!” concept of having actors do real-life jobs and activities based on their movie roles. You know, Tom Cruise learns to fly a jet, Brad Pitt joins a real fight club. We could shoot Tom Hanks into space, or make him spend a few years alone on a remote island. Show or no show, we should do that anyway.

—Posted by David Gianatasio