Eminem taps ShamWow guy for infomercial


If there's one person who's always willing to forgive violence against women, it's Eminem. So, I suppose it makes sense that Vince "ShamWow Guy" Shlomi would make his comeback in a manufactured-viral promo for the rapper's new album. You might remember that Shlomi's meteoric rise to infomercial stardom came to an abrupt halt when he got into a fist fight with a prostitute. Although the charges were dropped, the arrest and subsequent photos made Shlomi a television outcast. Now, he's back, reliving his glory days in a disappointingly humdrum Slap-Chop parody for Eminem's upcoming release, Recovery. Because if you can't escape your image as a guy who beats up flophouse hookers, you might as well partner with the rapper who pens lyrics like, "Put anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can't stand."

—Posted by David Griner