Emeril, Crest serve up a half-baked contest

Crest Whitening Expressions, a line of four totally fun, flavored toothpastes, is having a video contest to come up with a new catchphrase, "something big" that captures the taste explosion that is the Crest Expressions Experience. They’ve enlisted Emeril Lagasse, known for his own obnoxious catchphrase, "Bam!" What could be bigger than "Bam!"? For starters, there’s "Bam! Bam!" Which is, like, twice the bam. Not very toothpaste-specific, though. How about an old-school line like "Please don’t squeeze the Crest (from the top of the tube)"? Or something more modern, like "Crest-licious"? Or "Teeth-tacular"? Or "Crest-fully clean"? Actually, they don’t seem to be looking for a phrase, more like a vaguely comical outburst that makes you look like a giddy moron on camera. The winner gets $5,000, and you can’t possibly do any worse than the existing entries.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers