eBay auction promises Bogusky’s head on a platter

AlexboguskySettle down, Bogusky haters. An eBay auction for what appears to be Alex Bogusky’s head on a platter is not an offer to strike down the shaggy-haired creative prince. In fact, even the lovingly constructed commemorative platter featuring both a brooding, godlike Bogusky and laid-back, sensitive, guitar-playing Bogusky seems to be a sham. It appears that a seller calling him/herself Ad Scribe is selling the domain name AlexBogusky.com— perfect for "a BK blog," "DIY tips on building shelves for all those damn awards" or "Hair tips," according to the listing. But Bogusky isn’t the only ad-guy domain that’s up for grabs. Ad Scribe also has listed DavidLubars.com, commemorated as a bobblehead doll, and LeeClow.com, illustrated with a piece of toast burnt with the likeness of Clow himself. Says Ad Scribe of the toast, which he/she claims to have promptly eaten: "Just last year, some casino paid $28K for a piece of toast with the image of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Now I’m not comparing Lee to Mary … but I’m guessing Lee has a better reel." There are nine days left to bid on the items, which boast a rather ambitious $100 reserve. Any takers?

—Posted Deanna Zammit