Dutch agency pioneers 1-second stamp film


Amsterdam ad agency KesselsKramer just completed a strange project for postal service TNT—creating a postage stamp that, when slowly rotated, appears to show a 1-second film featuring the popular Dutch actress Carice van Houten. The stamp achieves the effect through the latest in lenticular printing, which allows the viewer to see 30 separate frames when turning the stamp (about 1 second at typical film speeds). KesselsKramer worked with director Anton Corbijn on the project, which they've dubbed "the world's smallest and shortest film." Since this is Holland, you had to figure the film itself would be a little weird—and it is. Taking inspiration from a stamp designed in 1951 by Cas Oorthuys, the movie shows van Houten standing in front of a windmill—and then biting a man's finger when he waves it in front of her.