Droid 2 also quite hazardous to human flesh


Fears that the Droid 2 won't be shoved down our throats as far as the Droid X was have been eased. A big push for Droid 2 is planned, and this ad from mcgarrybowen hints at what's to come. Droid advertising is certainly high on special effects—the ads could be mistaken for movie previews until Verizon, Google and Motorola's names come up—and the visuals are impressing people. For now. Another three or four straight months of watching Droids turn white people into robots could wear thin, ya know? Plus, I think it's telling how much these ads harp on about how much work the Droid helps you get done. Does anyone want to be connected to their work e-mail all the time? Exactly. UPDATE: Plus, the phone itself, released last week, supposedly sucks.