Don’t you deserve to eat digestible food?

As a Southerner, I know the one true strength of Crisco: It is the only thing you should ever use to fry chicken. (And don’t even think about using something other than a cast-iron skillet, you backwoods heathen.) But apparently there was a time when Crisco had quite a different Unique Selling Proposition: “Use Crisco. It’s digestible!” The Swank Pad has revived a fine piece of 1951 advertorial that harkens to a simpler time, when people fried their food in industrial sealant or something. My favorite line is this glowing endorsement: “Even doctors—9 out of 10 of them—say foods fried in Crisco are easy to digest!” Obviously, that 10th doctor was swayed by the motor-oil lobby.

—Posted by David Griner