Don offers Donny a jacket as Larry King looks on

Larrykingphoto_servicenewscomThe deal is, apparently, that in order to get Larry King to come on your show, you have to let his wife, Shawn Southwick-King, sing. She’s got a new CD to flog, and the pair have been making the media rounds, including The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on Wednesday night. On each show, they go through the same schtick—how they met in TIffany’s, how he grunted at her, how they got married while he was in the intensive care unit getting an angioplasty, etc. Then she actually has to sing, and it makes you nostalgic for Kathie Lee. Anyway, the mediameister—we mean Donny here—had a surprise for Shawn during her appearance. She opens for Don Rickles in Vegas, and yes, Donny happened to have Don on the line. And, of course, Don couldn’t let the moment pass without picking up on how proud Donny is of his musculature (chestculature??). He said, "Donny, I never met you, but we’re all chipping in to buy you a jacket."

—Posted by Barbara Lippert

Credit: Photo Service/Newscom