Does WEtv really know what women like?

I can’t take credit for this, but after reading through a press release about WEtv’s launch of its new Web site,, my colleague Brian concluded that it plays to the worst stereotypes of women. As one, I have to agree. now has dedicated channels like WE are Single, WE go Bridal, WE are Expecting and WE are Moms. There will also be original Web series. My personal favorite is “Hot Coffee Break” (launching in July), offering “a mid-day male eye candy pick-me-up [that] features hot men spicing up everyday tasks both manly and mundane—video vignettes sure to become part of every woman’s daily routine.” And then there’s “Puppy Weddings,” featuring “a celebration of love and commitment with some of the cutest creatures on the planet. Everyone loves puppies and every woman loves weddings; together they are an irresistible combination!” My colleague, quite perplexed, asked me, “Do the women marry the dogs, or do the dogs marry each other?” Good question.

—Posted by Shahnaz Mahmud