Diet Pepsi knows the limits of youthfulness

Partners Film's Joachim Back directed these Canadian Diet Pepsi spots for BBDO in Toronto. The tag: "Forever young." The premise: Diet Pepsi drinkers are asked, "Is there anything else youthful you'd like to experience?" The guys initially dream about stepping back in time to enjoy a sleepover (above, in which one guy is beaten senseless with a pillow) and recess (below, where another guy gets wedgied). They quickly reconsider. As average as these commercials are, I actually prefer them to the Coca-Cola-esque happy-happy approach taken by newly crowned U.S. Pepsi shop TBWA\Chiat\Day. For one thing, BBDO resurrects Huey Lewis's "Hip to Be Square" in the "Recess" spot, which beats the Apples in Stereo jangle-pop of TBWA's effort by a mile. Also, frankly, it was cathartic to see someone else get a wedgie for a change. Some wounds never heal.

—Posted by David Gianatasio