Designer’s challenge: 100 logos in 100 days


OK, logo freaks, here's your vial of logo crack for the day. Back in October, Croatian graphic designer Robert Butkovic set himself the task of coming up with 100 logos in 100 days, each one created in 100 minutes or less (not including time spent thinking about the idea first). He explains: "Logo themes will vary. Whatever comes to my mind—I will make it into logo. Some logos might be more of an illustration rather than standard logo, and some might not be full professional logos with every aspect well thought, but I will allow myself this freedom. Bear in mind that I have only 100 minutes to produce (I hope) an interesting logo. Idea is what counts here more than realization, I think." Obviously, it's quite the marathon—and an interesting experiment in trying to be creative when mental fatigue sets in and inspiration runs low. How did he do? Via Brainstorm #9.