Is Depp’s Wonka whacked or wonderful?

Amelie_willie1It must be said: after seeing previews of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake, I don’t have particularly high hopes. There’s a fine line, which the original handled very well, between Willy Wonka’s seemingly harmless eccentricity and his underlying sketchiness. But director Tim Burton, as usual, appears to have gotten too caught up in the latter. (Also, Johnnny Depp’s costume and makeup makes him look like the girl from Amelie—see art at left.) What I’m hoping they won’t do is shift the previews’ mood from unnerving children’s book adaptation to zany comedy all within the length of the promo. The Stepford Wives remake did that, and it both confused the hell out of me and kept me from seeing it. It’s possible to strike a balance between the two elements, but if a preview can’t decide between creepy and goofy, it ruins the appeal of the movie.

—Posted by David Kiefaber