Dark delicious cookie calls on Carson Daly

Oh, Carson Daly. How we’ve missed you. Once you were the staple of the teen media diet with your TRL gig. Now, the only place you can really be seen is after a long night of midweek drinking or during one night of holiday imbibing. Luckily, Oreo is there to help you out. Now, you get to play the Ryan Seacrest role in the corporate version of American Idol, hosting groups who are seeking fame and fortune singing the Oreo Cookie Jingle. (I think it has to do with a milk-and-cookie pairing, but there’s no way I’m going to quote it here.) And you’re obviously doing it with enthusiasm. Just check out the quote from the press release about this “fun and powerful” (your words) experience: “I’m excited to be part of the Oreo & Milk Jingle Contest. It will give five lucky groups the chance to connect in a way that they’ll never forget.” And how. We anxiously await your return to the forefront of the American psyche.

—Posted by Aaron Baar