CW’s fall promos now just one big smutfest


You can divide the advertising for the CW's fall programming into four broad themes: obscenity, nudity, threesomes and male genitals. This is according to the Parents Television Council, which is doing a nice job of collecting links to the individual ad campaigns and publicizing them to the entire world. Above is a detail from one of the new Melrose Place ads. The Live Feed has all three ads; the headlines on the other two are "Ménage à Tues" and "Tuesdays are a bitch." Gossip Girl, meanwhile, is following up last year's "OMFG" promos with a set of "WTF" ads (see below), which is supposed to stand for "Watch this fall." 90210's ads take a page from the Hardee's playbook with a bunch of testicle jokes, with characters using phrases like "big and meaty" and "I like the way you handle balls." Finally, the CW goes with good old-fashioned nudity in ads for The Beautiful Life, which BrandFreak covered previously. Whatever else you can say about them, the network certainly knows how to stay on message.

—Posted by Tim Nudd