Cupid and the cubicles

CupidLast summer, on Adweek’s Careers page, we wrote about a Glamour/ study that gauged people’s attitudes toward office romance. In that poll (of employees age 25-40), 75 percent of respondents said having a relationship with a co-worker is acceptable, and 41 percent said they had done so. Career-consulting firm Vault Inc. is now tackling the same topic in a new study, revealing not only sharply higher numbers in the “done so” category (58 percent) but also—gulp—suggesting locations in the office where furtive, immodest liaisons are typically undertaken.

“The majority of trysts take place in offices or cubicles—but romance also blossoms in conference rooms, stairwells, elevators, copy-machine rooms, closets, lunchrooms and even restrooms ‘once the janitor leaves.’ Even the boss’ office is not off limits,” the Post says, quoting Vault co-president Mark Oldman. Why is office romance on the rise? The story places the credit—or blame—partly on “the stress of Iraq and the uncertain economy.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd