‘Cravability,’ available in a cup or a cone

"This campaign is about cravability … and the ability to customize the ice cream." That quote is not from the power-suited marketing lady on The Simpsons. It is, in fact, the rationale for Cold Stone Creamery’s upcoming commercials. So says the chain’s senior director of marketing. Cravability. Excellent. Cold Stone has trashed last year’s ad motif of conjuring up childhood fears in its scoop shops (good!) and will instead target women 18-44 with lines such as, “Millions of combinations mean you can change your mind as often as you like.” Do women change their minds a lot? Thanks for the insight, Cold Stone! OK, that was snide, and I apologize. Really, I’ve changed my mind: It’s great copy. At least I haven’t mentioned my abundant Davability. AdFreak’s other two Davids are always bragging about theirs. They’ve got some childhood fears they’re still working through. I was pretty traumatized by Fudgie the Whale at Carvel. Don’t even get me started on Cookie Puss.

—Posted by David Gianatasio