‘Crank’ keen to upset your Facebook friends


If "Whopper Sacrifice" was too much for some people, wait until they get a load of the new Facebook campaign for the Lionsgate move Crank: High Voltage. Digital shop The Visionaire Group used Facebook Connect to automate fake actions on users' profiles. The site issues a daily challenge for users to "crank" their friends. One dare sends a status update in which you share a supposed link to a video of your grandmother having sex. Another tags you in a photo with a goat and a note that reads, "My lover and I." Another status update has you railing against bestiality laws. There's also a dare to tell your network you have gonorrhea. Another picks out a random friend to tell your network that you regret hooking up with him the previous night. (I have tried these all out. Apologies, Michael Sharon.) Users completing all 14 dares are registered to win $1,000. My guess is this could resonate with the movie's teen audience. After all, now that Facebook is full of grownups, people take it too seriously.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey