Coors Light is asked not to laugh at Toronto


It doesn't take much to get an ad pulled in Canada. Coors Light billboards like the one shown here, featuring harmless regional Canadian humor, have been deemed offensive to people in Toronto, and the brewer has now axed the campaign. The ads had been running out west in British Columbia, where jokes about Toronto abound—though putting them in ads is beyond the pale. Says one B.C. resident: "We hear stuff about Toronto people all the time, but we couldn't believe anyone would put it on a billboard." Adam Moffat, a rep at the brewer, says the campaign was based on "insight gleaned from people in the west," but that a handful of people e-mailed to complain, causing him to quickly cave. "Sometimes we get it wrong," he says. "This is one instance where we misfired, and we realized that after seeing people's reaction here in Toronto."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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