This Company’s Painfully Honest Help-Wanted Ad Promises the ‘Worst Job in Town’

And it does sound bad

A company is advertising "the worst job in town" on Australian job site Seek, and promises that whoever is hired as its new senior producer will work in a "poor location" and spend his or her time "managing a bunch of lazy egotistic creatives and developers."

The ad, which is real (see it below), was posted by digital recruiter Julien Viard, who was tired of seeing ads upselling jobs that probably suck and decided to try the opposite approach. I can understand that impulse, but there are two flaws with this reasoning. For one thing, scammy job ads are pretty easy to spot if you're not one of those people who spends all their money on Powerball tickets. Second, as annoying as trumped-up, unjustified confidence is, overt self-loathing is downright toxic.

Despite this, Viard claims to have had pretty good luck with responses to the ad, although he won't be trying this approach a second time.

"I've always tried to be creative with [the ads], so I'll keep it that way and give a bit more insight into what the jobs are," he told Mashable Australia. "Plus making sure we talk to the right people, too."

That's probably the real reason he isn't repeating it.

Top photo: Matthew P. Wicks/Getty Images