Colbert withstands Miracle Whip ad assault


The war between Stephen Colbert and Miracle Whip reached new heights last night, with the sandwich spread debuting ads calling out Colbert by name, and the Colbert Report host facetiously admitting defeat on his show. The dispute began in October, when Colbert defended mayonnaise against Miracle Whip's new ad campaign from mcgarrybowen, which says the Whip is way hipper than mayo. Colbert even did a pro-mayo PSA. In response, as MediaFreak reported yesterday, Miracle Whip bought time during every ad break on Colbert's show last night to remind him just how "massively dope" Miracle Whip is. It aired three new spots (see one below) dissing Colbert. For his part, Colbert devoted his opening segment to the duel (that clip's also posted below). "Miracle Whip, I know when I've been bested," he said. "Thank you for buying ad time on my show. Because let's face it, revenue is down throughout the television industry, and I could certainly use the money. To buy more delicious mayonnaise!"

—Posted by Tim Nudd