Classic stars come out to play in Emmy ads


WongDoody has created the ad campaign for the 60th annual Emmy Awards, airing Sept. 21 on ABC. The tagline, "Where TV comes together," is unfortunate, but less so than the name of the agency that created it. The campaign’s visuals, however, are lots of fun, focusing on the small-screen characters we’ve come to know and love over the past 60 years. A wrap shows them riding the bus! Ha-ha! Hardly a new idea … but look, there’s the Incredible Hulk and Eric Cartman! I bet neither paid the fare. Hey, Fonzie, "sit on it!" No really, take my seat, you shouldn’t have to stand. But … why would Superman need to take the bus? A collage of more than 400 characters and personalities will run as a poster or two-page spread in magazines and newspapers. But seriously, why would Superman be taking the bus? Is Lex Luthor on the bus?!

—Posted by David Gianatasio