Cider ad shows why Brits rarely see the sun

Bulmers summer

London agency St. Luke’s hits summer full throttle in its first campaign for Bulmers Cider. “Releasing the British summer since 1887” is the tag. Fair enough, but why release the campaign six weeks into the season? The timing seems a bit crazy, and the whole spot’s simply too frenzied and high-concept for its own good. Summer’s the time to kick back and relax. Cramming so much frenetic activity, costumes, effects and quick cuts into 30 seconds is tiring. The music and some of the imagery is designed to call to mind a World War II aircrew scrambling into action — not that you’d really catch that without reading the press materials. The mix of whimsy and faux-military activity is confusing and vaguely threatening, with the Bulmers’ troops seemingly massing for attack, preparing to unleash hard-cider-fueled mayhem — and Frisbie missiles — on the unsuspecting picnickers. As if that unpredictable English weather weren’t bad enough.