CiCi’s sprinkling death, disease on its pizzas

CiCi’s Pizza touts its “Five bucks and change” value menu in new spots by Deutsch/LA. The ad above calls to mind a ’90s-style alien autopsy video, which might not be the best strategy for a food place, as such procedures are commonly used to determine the cause of death. What killed the Martian, Scully? Was it … CiCi’s? Apparently not, because the being still has five bucks in change in its fanny pack. A second commercial takes place in a vet’s office. No, the dog’s not sick from eating at CiCi’s. It swallowed a $5 bill, which the vet then suggests its owner use to buy pizza at the chain. How hygienic. Thankfully, the guy’s not licensed to treat humans. A third spot takes place on a game-show set. Despite the unappetizing set-ups, these ads do underscore the fact that “change” is indeed sweeping through the land: If you can get a pizza for $5, the Democrats must be back in power.

—Posted by David Gianatasio