Christian TV taps devil as ‘anti-spokesman’

The Prayer Channel, a religious station in New York City, has enlisted the devil as an "anti-spokesman" in promos advertising its name change to New Evangelism Television (NET). "The Church has used the good vs. evil conflict to promote religion for two centuries," says Michael Migliozzi of the agency Cesario Migliozzi, which created the campaign. In this case, the ornery imp urges viewers to stick with "bad" TV, and uses every resource in his power, from YouTube to MySpace, to "keep television mindless." TV, radio and bus ads will also spread the word. The Web site even comes complete with a subservient devil! (He's quite unsubservient, though, as his answers have little to do with what you type in the box.) Now, all they need to do is have the devil invade the Gospelr feed. We all know the ultimate battlefield in the fight of good vs. evil will be in social media. Via Wired.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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