The celebrity world according to Linda

Linda_kaplan_thalerIt’s one thing to appear on The Apprentice. It’s another to be profiled in The New Yorker. But you know you’ve really arrived when you become a source for Us Weekly. Such is life for advertising’s reigning “it” woman, Linda Kaplan Thaler, who’s holding forth in Us repeatedly as an “image consultant” regarding celebrities. (Her latest tidbit was about Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy-hiding attire: “This could be a standard outfit for someone trying to conceal a pregnancy. … Wearing black says, ‘Don’t pay attention to me.’ ” Seems Kaplan Thaler is becoming quite the celebrity herself. She’s been popping up on E! programming as well. Pretty soon she’ll have her own TV show (just like another outsized ad exec). Ad execs. They’re just like us! (And for those of you wondering: My wife buys it. I just read it.)

—Posted by Aaron Baar