Cavemen pilot called ‘astoundingly awful’

Ain’t It Cool News has posted the first seat-of-the-pants review of ABC’s sitcom Cavemen, adapted from Geico’s ad campaign. And the news isn’t great. Derek Flint, who sat through the pilot, writes: “Cavemen has a lot of people talking since it was first announced. People will continue to talk … about just how astoundingly awful it is.” Flint reveals that the show is set up as “an allegory for prejudice. They draw astoundingly leaden parallels to every minority group in the world without a laugh in sight. It’s jaw-dropping horrendous and actually makes American Dad’s lunkheaded topicality seem sophisticated.” Most disappointing is the news that the actors from the ads have been replaced. But it gets worse. One of the new actors, says Flint, “actually reminded me a little bit of Sanjaya.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd