Caribou Coffee not catering to unreal people

The talking gourd and pumpkin from Caribou Coffee's fall-flavors ads have apparently gone into hibernation. In the chain's latest spot from Colle+McVoy, we get faux hipsters. And they're really faux, portrayed by animated marionettes. These kinds of creations haven't been big since the short-lived '60s Thunderbirds craze. And even then, they weren't that popular. Still, the couple chillin' at the mall seem like real dolls (ha!), noting that they never get coffee from Caribou because they're not "real" people (literally or figuratively). That's almost certainly a jab at Starbucks. No one's ever called the Seattle super-roaster's brew bogus—just overpriced and generally vile. Its patrons, though? That's another story. Still, I'd rather hang out with these marionettes than most iPhone-tethered, Gucci-clad Starbucks customers. At least the dolls have enough self awareness to admit they're faking it.

—Posted by David Gianatasio


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