Canadian Wheat Board Somehow Manages to Make an Ad That’s Too Sexy

Use of a 1969 cowgirl painting draws fire

The Canadian Wheat Board is in trouble for a print ad that uses a 1969 Gil Elvgren pinup painting to draw attention to a "winter pool" grain sale offer. In other news, there's a Canadian Wheat Board. The painting, titled "Hi-Ho, Silver," is of a hot cowgirl straddling a fence. (It asks: "Still on the fence?") The ad has drawn criticism from the National Farmer's Union for using what critics say is an irrelevant and sexist image to hype the Wheat Board's services. Clearly, the only way to set this right is to find a painting of a buff cowboy straddling a fence and use it for a second ad. If they can't find one, they can just use a still from this old Memphis wrestling video.